Topic: New Client - Inventory placement

Hopefully this image isn't confusing.


What's happening here is that I'm trying to pick up and move a stack of chicken legs and place them next to my stack of turkey legs (chicken legs are circled in yellow). I can move the chicken legs to any green star, but no red stars. The turkey legs can move one place to the right of their current location (where I couldn't place the chicken legs), but I cannot seem to place them side by side anywhere in my inventory.

Other items, like the piles of bones, and phoenix feathers, are capable of occupying the right most column. It seems like the game thinks the chicken & turkey legs are still two slots wide, like they were in the old client.

The other issue with the inventory placement is that if you're trying to sacrifice something, the status text stating "You must be on holy ground" is popping up underneath the inventory, so you don't actually see if unless you move it, or close it.

Edit: And that face scares me... why

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