Topic: Problem with maps corrupting.

I am having a problem with the map corrupting.  I think I trigger it if I log into characters with different spawn points, but I can't reproduce it 100% of the time.

Basically, I wind up with myself and NPCs visible, but no map tiles, only blackness.  Nothing seems to fix this short of reinstall.

Also, could you add an option to do a file check against the current patch server again?  If I delete the wrong file trying to fix other issues, I wind up having to completely reinstall.

Also, still waiting for that C time I paid for.  I can email you the account info and Paypal email if it would help.  cool

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Re: Problem with maps corrupting.

I am having the same issue. Haven't played in a while and saw some changes were happening, so I got a little excited. The blackness is discouraging to say the least. I logged in on one character and it was fine, but switched and was all black. Now it's all black no matter what character I log in on.