Topic: Bug List - Updated Feb 27th

Hey James,

(Please let me know what ones you fix - i will test and remove from the list via edits)

Feb 16th - Added #8 and removed Fixed items (Thanks Zer)

Some more bug findings:

3. Stealth doesn't show the character as hidden on the players screen that is hiding.

4. Town Portal fizzles with maxed magery (another user mentioned this)

5. Bridges don't work properly - characters fall into the water example: AT 108, 502, 0 offest 0,0,0 on map 5

6. Signs are passable instead of blockable... not sure if thats intended that you can walk through them... but the sign at the bridge for #5 is an example

8. The "Party Menu" takes front priority over all windows - so pressing space or most hot keys interact with the party menu instead of what is intended - makes parties kinda useless atm

10. Chat box has no apparent upper bound limit - it seems to forever hold all chat logs and notifications since the login. I am curious if this should be capped as it may be contributing to some of the reported 'crashes' after being logged in for a long time. Maybe its not - but i feel it should still truncate at some point.

11. Mini-Map continuously reloads when you turn if off if something gets flagged on the map (such as bob is destroying gaia....). If the mini-map is hidden/disabled - notifications should respect that and not enable it again.. very annoying smile


1. You fixed the sound card bug faster than I could even post it... props to you on getting the report handled so fast.

2. Z-Level isn't properly handled in the client ... if a player is in a house upstairs - (or monster) they show on the screen of the player downstairs - they are being drawn when they shouldn't.

7. Expanding on #2 - You crash when using AOE spells on different z-levels - i was able to submit multiple crash reports for you.

8. If you have a tooltip open (lets say for a weapon) and close the window - the tooltop stays unless you reopen and stop the tool tip - need to autoclear tooltips on window close.

9. When typing numbers into an input field (like bank depositing gold) using the numpad, the player will move around and react to the action presses - the num pad should block movement/actions when typing input fields. Its extremely annoying trying to deposit or type amounts and the player is moving around and doing things! lol

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Re: Bug List - Updated Feb 27th

#2, #7, and #8 are fixed in today's patch. Thanks for reporting these bugs!


Re: Bug List - Updated Feb 27th

#9 is fixed in today's patch. Thanks for reporting this bug!


Re: Bug List - Updated Feb 27th

#3 is fixed in today's patch. Thanks for reporting this bug!


Re: Bug List - Updated Feb 27th

When facing west and northwest, the weapon art no longer displays.

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Re: Bug List - Updated Feb 27th

Good find. Thanks for reporting this bug! It is now fixed.


Re: Bug List - Updated Feb 27th

I’m noticing an issue with player avatars rendering.  When I log in my guild hall, I can always see all player avatars that are inside my guild hall.  However, if I go around the map and come back, some of the player avatars do not render back on screen.  They still path block as you would expect, but you can’t see when or any overhead text they are producing.

Edit- it might be Z level related as it seems to happen when there’s a difference in Z levels

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