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Hey James,

(Please let me know what ones you fix - i will test and remove from the list via edits)

March 30th -  Added #18 and #19 -- Moved #15 to officially confirmed fixed

5. Bridges don't work properly - characters fall into the water example: AT 108, 502, 0 offest 0,0,0 on map 5

11. Mini-Map continuously reloads when you turn if off if something gets flagged on the map (such as bob is destroying gaia....). If the mini-map is hidden/disabled - notifications should respect that and not enable it again.. very annoying smile

16. Mini-map is not in sync with actual map - lots of inconsistencies or map changes that are not reflected in the mini-map.
(Caveat: Not sure if the mini-map is dynamic based on map files or fix-time built)

18. You cant interact with NPC "objects" with the new client - for example, when doing the Level 1 Spiders quest you have to click the lever to open the passage behind the waterfall by using oil. Unfortunately, these type of 'objects' can't be interacted with on the new client - clicking them does nothing. This happens to be with any interactable object.

19. Im shamelessly adding this as a bug - because its quite literally the easiest thing you can do for the largest impact on the players and community... when raising skills your title is automatically the last skill in the list that you've maxed. Anyone with maxed wizardry will always be a "Divine Sorceror" even though I was a "Soul Stealer" first - I am hoping you consider this a bug and give us players the ability to change our titles!!! It would be the coolest freaking update erm "bug fix" you could do ... hoping you think of this as a bug and 'fix it' - because I know youre not focused on feature adds .. so its definately a bug smile

20. Minor visual bug - tool tip doesn't update when displaying consumables you actively use... ie.. using potions while viewing their tooltip - you have to move the mouse and initialize the tooltip to get hte proper numbers.

NOT BUGS / NOTABLE MENTIONS - (PENDING Zers feedback to remove or keep as items to track)

6. Signs are passable instead of blockable... not sure if thats intended that you can walk through them... but the sign at the bridge for #5 is an example  [Not sure if this is a bug or how it was before]

10. Chat box has no apparent upper bound limit - it seems to forever hold all chat logs and notifications since the login. I am curious if this should be capped as it may be contributing to some of the reported 'crashes' after being logged in for a long time. Maybe its not - but i feel it should still truncate at some point. [Not a bug, but a consideration - can be ignored]


4. Town Portal fizzles with maxed magery (another user mentioned this) [Reason: can't replicate]


1. You fixed the sound card bug faster than I could even post it... props to you on getting the report handled so fast.

2. Z-Level isn't properly handled in the client ... if a player is in a house upstairs - (or monster) they show on the screen of the player downstairs - they are being drawn when they shouldn't.

3. Stealth doesn't show the character as hidden on the players screen that is hiding.

7. Expanding on #2 - You crash when using AOE spells on different z-levels - i was able to submit multiple crash reports for you.

8. If you have a tooltip open (lets say for a weapon) and close the window - the tooltop stays unless you reopen and stop the tool tip - need to autoclear tooltips on window close.

8. The "Party Menu" takes front priority over all windows - so pressing space or most hot keys interact with the party menu instead of what is intended - makes parties kinda useless atm

9. When typing numbers into an input field (like bank depositing gold) using the numpad, the player will move around and react to the action presses - the num pad should block movement/actions when typing input fields. Its extremely annoying trying to deposit or type amounts and the player is moving around and doing things! lol

12. Allied guild chat doesn't work in the new client - shows {} for allied chat instead of the actual chat - works on old client.

13. Client displays titles incorrectly ... as an example a character will show Royal when the skill level is actually 150.8 (Grandmaster) in the skill book.

14. Stealth shows translucent to other players instead of hidden

15. Objects aren't destroyed properly in the client / removal packet of some objects arent tracked:
       15a. If you die with items on the ground - and they are picked up - they dont get removed from client of player that died.. need to be cleared on death/revival or kept track of that the client is aware of them
       15b. Town Portals dont get destroyed / removed  - if you stay on screen of the portal it will not be removed.

17. Silver/Sun items show +Cold Damage in the new Client but show +Holy Damage in the old client. Just discovered this through a lot of confusion since coming back - couldn't understand the differences as there are Cold Resist items... but monsters have no cold resist! Pretty sure this is a bug somewhere... but one that I don't fully understand.

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Re: Bug List - March 30th

#2, #7, and #8 are fixed in today's patch. Thanks for reporting these bugs!


Re: Bug List - March 30th

#9 is fixed in today's patch. Thanks for reporting this bug!


Re: Bug List - March 30th

#3 is fixed in today's patch. Thanks for reporting this bug!


Re: Bug List - March 30th

When facing west and northwest, the weapon art no longer displays.

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Re: Bug List - March 30th

Good find. Thanks for reporting this bug! It is now fixed.


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I’m noticing an issue with player avatars rendering.  When I log in my guild hall, I can always see all player avatars that are inside my guild hall.  However, if I go around the map and come back, some of the player avatars do not render back on screen.  They still path block as you would expect, but you can’t see when or any overhead text they are producing.

Edit- it might be Z level related as it seems to happen when there’s a difference in Z levels

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Re: Bug List - March 30th

Pennywise, is the place you are entering the map via a warp to a location where the ceiling is dropped out, by any chance? And the player you can't see was on that higher Z level at the time?


Re: Bug List - March 30th

I log into guild hall z level 1.
All three characters on z2 are visible (art, spell cast text, ect)
I leave the viewable area.  Don't have to warp or leave map.

When I get back, 1-3 of the characters on z2 are no longer visible to me(no art or text)but collision detection does work.

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See if today's patch fixes it. (I made a minor change which may or may not work, which is why it's not mentioned in the changelog.) Thanks!


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If you get a chance, behind thieves town is a guild hall with three toons loaded on second floor.  Pop in there and you'll more than likely see for yourself better than I can describe

Otherwise I'll check on it when I get home from work and finish the family thing tonight.

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Had a few minutes to check and it seemed to be working correctly from what I saw. 

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Another bug that's been persistent since the drop pile changes that Ive forgotten to mention...

Every now and again, the item text on the ground becomes misaligned with the item.  always a lateral shift.

I also come across ground items that are misaligned with where they are on the ground.  you will see the item on the ground and a silhouette on either side of the item that is actual interactable for pickup.  For this one, there's luckily a locked item with this property that you can see.  In the first dragon cave you guys made, in the first daija  spawn, there's a ghoul's lantern you can see that has this bug.

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Re: Bug List - March 30th

Pennywise, what are the coordinates of that ghoul's lantern if you don't mind me asking?

The command is: ~at



Re: Bug List - March 30th

(445, 298) map 4

I went there to get cords and everything was actually okay with the ghouls lantern.  However, I left and went back just to make sure and it was offset vertically this time.  Another place you're likely to encounter this is with ground flowers(moonflowers, ect).

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Re: Bug List - March 30th

I got that ghoul's lantern to have the pick offset for me also.
Don't have time to fix it in this week's update, but I'll definitely see for next week.
Thanks for reporting this bug!


Re: Bug List - March 30th

#8, #12, #13, and #14 on that list are fixed in this week's patch. Thanks for reporting these bugs!


Re: Bug List - March 30th

James wrote:

#8, #12, #13, and #14 on that list are fixed in this week's patch. Thanks for reporting these bugs!


"Fixed objects not always being removed from the screen."

Would this be #15 fixed?

Also could you give me feedback on if #11 and #10 are 'bugs' or suggestions? So I can track them properly?

Similar for #5 and 6.. dont have to have them listed if not properly designated as bugs to fix.


Re: Bug List - March 30th

Not sure about #15. If I stay on screen, Town Portal disappears for me just fine.
If it were two screens away when it disappeared and you came back, previously it would have still been visible locally. That is what is fixed.


Re: Bug List - March 30th

James wrote:

Not sure about #15. If I stay on screen, Town Portal disappears for me just fine.
If it were two screens away when it disappeared and you came back, previously it would have still been visible locally. That is what is fixed.

I'll try to find the steps to reproduce it.


Re: Bug List - March 30th

Haven't been able to reproduce it... I think it was related to when you die and respawn in town ... somehow related to death.. not sure but it was definitely the same bug from what I can see.

I'd day #15 is fixed and can be deemed as such ... if you agree?

Second Question: Do you want any feedback/suggestions on securing the server from exploits? Such as long hanging fruit on preventing things like WPE? I know its not bugs... just trying to understand the progression because youre literally making the new client perfect... and its going to become harder to find bugs...

I would like to help continue doing what  I am doing and hunting in game for things to fix .. so I am more asking if you have a plan and/or roadmap so I can start focusing my attention towards the next step as client-side bugs are harder to find.


Re: Bug List - March 30th

Suggestions are certainly welcome, yes.

As far as roadmap, I've got a general idea, but also a very long to-do list still. For example, I need to make the ceiling drop-out work better (I'd like to eliminate popping in the user interface generally, that being just the most obvious one), the blending color space correct, the zoom correct so we aren't so far out, the fonts outline properly... I need to make motion a lot more responsive and I have a good idea how to do that... At some point I want to bring in 3D textured ground like the map editor... Many windows need to be redone... I want to make conversations with NPCs modal... Hard to know what the timeline on all of it is. The server is still the old one with all its flaws. But that might be okay for a while. As to 'what to do after all that', I have some ideas, we'll see. But it's got a long way to go before I'm even there.


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#17 is fixed in today's update (March 21).

When I started the new client, I had intended to replace Holy damage with Cold damage as a resistance entirely (it's the same variable). Holy resistance only really applied to Undead, and I had intended to expand the winter maps. But frankly I think Holy damage is and can be made more interesting, and we don't have a very expansive winter tileset anyway.


Re: Bug List - March 30th

Added some updates , moved to completion and added a new bug(s)