151 New Scribery

by A Wall

152 Nature quest

by chipper

153 Closed: Heres a suggestion

by Sir Gwain

154 Market filtering

by Fenhopi

155 delete character

by Marcho

156 Advertising

by ®o©k

157 More war zone options!

by Fenhopi

158 More war zone options

by Fenhopi

160 Party Members

by Dedsox

161 Account Info Change

by Anger Mage

164 New Gui - Need feedback

by zammbi

166 druid religion

by Judy

167 My vision...

by GhettoSlayer

168 Skill suggestion

by Judy

169 bring back selling dragon scales

by Sword_Master

170 The Market

by Einstien

171 Coloration

by Einstien

172 NPCs

by Einstien

173 Town Portals in Valour

by Einstien

175 Classic Faldon

by bardok

179 Weapons and Gold

by big_blue

180 Crovman Please Read and Respond

by Adligkrieger